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The motivation for creating this page was to publish some bash scripts that can be used in combination with util-vserver to make your host management simpler or more comfortable. The idea is, that you can cut&paste them from here to your shell or re-use them in your own managemnt scripts.

Show rlimits of all guests

for i in $(ls /etc/vservers/); do echo -n "$i "; if [ -e /etc/vservers/$i/rlimits ]; then for j in $(ls /etc/vservers/$i/rlimits); do echo -en "$j=$(cat /etc/vservers/$i/rlimits/$j) "; done ; fi ; echo ""; done

Creates an output like this:

guest1 as=1048576 rss=131072
guest3 as=1048576 rss=131072

Show next free context ID

echo $(( $(sort /etc/vservers/*/context | tail -n 1) +1 ))

Creates an output like this:

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