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Kernel Patches

The Linux- VServer project maintains several branches of the kernel patch. Since version 1.00 the versioning is similar to the kernel versioning scheme. Even numbered releases (a.X.z with even X) are stable, reasonably well tested and expected not to change feature-wise. Odd numbered (a.Y.z with odd Y) releases are development releases. The last digit/number (z) is a subversion identifier. Experimental versions and Release Candidates might add a fourth identifier to that scheme.

Basically the stable and development releases should be similar in functionality, but the development releases will include features and enhancements not present in the stable branch. Once those features mature (and get well tested), they will be incorporated by the stable branch.

For example the first stable release (1.00) uses two systemcalls as the previous releases did. However, the vserver system calls have been changed in the first development release (1.1.0). Linus assigned the vserver project a single system call, so a System Call Switch has been implemented. Running a development release usually requires using recent (latest) tools from the util-vserver development branch.

1.X.z and 1.Y.z releases are for the 2.4 kernels, while 1.9.x (obsoleted by now) and 2.X.y releases are for the 2.6 series.

Linux-VServer branch

Linux kernel




Old Stable




Ancient Stable

2.2 + grsecurity

Stable + grsecurity vs2.2.0.7 vs2.3.0.34 vs2.2.0.7-grsec2.1.11 vs2.2.0.4 vs2.2.0.3-grsec2.1.10 vs2.2.0.4 vs2.3.0.12 vs2.2.0.3 vs2.3.0.12 vs2.2.0-grsec2.1.10 vs2.0.3-rc3 vs2.0.2.1 vs2.0.2.1-grsec2.1.9
2.4.36 vs1.2.12
2.4.30 vs1.2.10
ChangeLog ChangeLog ChangeLog ChangeLog ChangeLog

Experimental Releases
Grsecurity+Vserver Releases
Let us know if anything is broken ...

Linux-VServer branch

Linux kernel



2.3 + grsecurity


4.9.159 vs2.3.9.8
4.4.175 vs2.3.9.8
4.1.49 vs2.3.8.6
3.18.135 vs2.3.7.6
3.14.52 vs2.3.6.15
3.10.104 vs2.3.6.9
3.4.112 vs2.
3.2.99 vs2.3.2.17
3.2.22 vs2.3.2.10-grsec2.9.1-20120711 vs2.3.0.37-rc17 vs2.3.0.37-rc5 vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2.

All (previous) downloads are available in the Archives. Also take a look at the ChangeLogs.

For an overview of available Features in each version take a look at Feature Matrix

Precompiled kernel packages are available for debian

Userspace Utilities

In order to administrate your virtual private servers you need a set of userspace utilities. The following gives an overview of possible choices. For detailed instructions visit the respective project pages.


Created by Enrico Scholz util-vserver is the current "official" userspace implementation. Many distributions have added binary packages for util-vserver to their repositories.

The current version of util-vserver is: 0.30.215

VServer Control Daemon

Being still in development the VServer Control Daemon is another approach for virtual private server management. The concept is based on a client/server architecture using XMLRPC. Currently there are no releases, i.e. source code has to be obtained from SVN.

The current version of the VServer Control Daemon is: SVN trunk script

Useful for debugging linux-vserver problems.

Ancient vserver tools

Although not used much anymore the old tools by Jacques Gelinas are said to still work on current kernels.

The current version of the vserver tools is: 0.40

Guest images

Below is a list of third-party archives for VPS images

Chroot repositories

A collection of chroot trees suitable to bootstrap a vserver or to use with chroot

3rd-party applications

A collection of applications that support Linux-Vservers

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