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  make-kpg --revision=131 kernel_image  
  make-kpg --revision=131 kernel_image  
or whatever you like. :)
or whatever you like. :)
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Patches are available at Openwall.

The nice thing of the Openwall security patches are that they apply very cleanly together with the vserver patches. No rediffing or manually applying is necesaary, making them more reliable in my eyes. Since I don't use the ACLs of grsec this works just as fine in my opinion.

I've been using them together for a few months now without any issues.

The procedure is very simple. Before you apply the vserver (ctx) patch, you apply the openwall patch. An example would be like this:

tar jxf linux-2.4.24.tar.bz2 
cd linux-2.4.24 
cat ../linux-2.4.24-ow1/linux-2.4.24-ow1.diff > patch -p1 
bzcat ../patch-2.4.24-vs1.24.diff.bz2 | patch -p1 
make menuconfig 

I enabled all security options:


And this hasn't given me any issues yet. After this, finish off with:

make dep && make bzImage && make modules && make modules_install 


make-kpg --revision=131 kernel_image 

or whatever you like. :)

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